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אודות אופיר הנדסה

about us

Your solution for a successful project.

Ofir Engineeringwas founded in 2018 with one mission: to be the successful construction inspection company,
Creative and groundbreaking both in accompanying the construction of private houses, and in the construction of commercial buildings in Israel.
We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop personalized and unique strategies.

Although we have grown since our inception, we are still the same company at heart. Let us help you make your dreams come true. Are you ready to take your home or business on the road to success?

Ofir EngineeringProvides services both in Israel and in the USA. The company specializes in the supervision and management of projects in the construction industry. Ofir Engineering relies on personal experience accumulated over 15 years and several years ago became independent and behind it dozens of complex and challenging projects that were successfully completed.

Ofir EngineeringAdheres to the cornerstones for proper management of each project. Compliance with a planned and correctly calculated budget, ensuring the quality of work execution, compliance with the planned schedule, compliance with the execution plans, technical specifications, standards, cost reduction. These are actually   the milestones and fundamental values on which Ofir Engineering's work is based, we arrive in the field with extensive engineering and professional knowledge, gained during 15 years of experience in the construction industry.

Ofir Engineeringis a company specializing in the management and supervision of the construction of land houses and commercial centers. We have an exceptional team of consultants with expertise in various fields. We are committed to solving complex engineering challenges using the latest technology and human resources, combined with our creative and collaborative strategic approach. 

Ofir Engineeringdictates a high standard in the world of building detached residential buildings and offices. The company works with architects, engineers, subcontractors and first class professionals. Our vision as a company that strives for excellence in its field is to perform work at a high level, while constantly upgrading from project to project, and providing a comprehensive envelope to buyers, entrepreneurs and homeowners all over the country.

All our projects are carried out by us independently. The company has a professional and skilled team, with a lot of experience. In addition, we have a skilled and professional staff and advanced equipment that allows us to perform independent work without dependence on external factors and to meet the established schedules.

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