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אופיר הנדסה - בנייה מסחרית

Commercial construction

Supervision management and commercial construction

Ofir EngineeringFaithfully supervises diverse projects such as stores, restaurants, offices, retail chains, commercial centers and more. Ofir Engineering works with the idea that every day is critical for the customer, therefore we make sure to build according to the required standards, while meeting deadlines.

As part of the inspection services, the inspector conducts proactive tours of the site in order to go over the plans and instructions of the consultants and contractors, and to make sure that the construction is done according to the architectural plans and construction standards. 

The service includes, among other things, assistance in managing and estimating the budget needed for the project, managing the initial planning stages, assisting in making decisions regarding the most efficient execution method, managing the execution stages while providing creative/alternative solutions.

Supervision of trade requires prior knowledge of accessibility, of understanding the customer's needs, correct division of spaces and offices according to their purpose, preliminary understanding of the need before going on the ground, all this can be done by controlling the planning, receiving professional answers before going on the ground. The supervision company Ofir Engineering has the ability to coordinate planning before overseeing the offices, has a deep understanding of construction plans, the company has extensive knowledge and experience and a variety of experienced consultants in their field with knowledge in handicap accessibility, construction and inspection of buildings. The combination of knowledge and experience enables correct construction.

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