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Saturated construction

Supervision management and construction saturation

Saturated construction due to its complexity requires an attached construction inspector for project management, the inspector is chosen by a developer, or a purchasing group or in the case of TMA 38, by the tenants. The purpose of hiring the services of a construction inspector on the site is to create complete transparency as a third party without interests to the contractor and safeguards the interests of the client of the inspection, the developer or the tenant. The inspector is an additional professional eye that examines the contractor's work and his role is to serve, among other things, as a qualified engineer who provides required information to the developer, supports the decision of readiness for the project, both in terms of maintaining the budget and in terms of professional performance decisions, each This is in accordance with the project schedules. A construction supervisor for a complex project of this type should be knowledgeable in the construction industry and have rich experience and broad professional knowledge.


companyOfir Engineering  provides inspection services on behalf of the developer on buildings with professional building engineers and experts familiar with the complexities of saturated construction and experienced in engineering planning, management and supervision at construction sites.


To the entrepreneur who takes our service, we guarantee a proper professional and reliable return and that the project will be carried out in the most professional, fast and best way under the supervision of a professional eye from a proper and experienced supervision team.
With us you will find professional skill, reliability, transparency all the way,
Something that will give entrepreneurship peace of mind for your investment.

The supervision work within our services includes: 


  • Follow-up and conductThe project in a professional manner and in accordance with the standards existing in the law

  • participation bCounselor meetings

  • Promotion of acceptanceBuilding permit

  • issuedContractor tendersand carrying out a tour of contractors in the field

  • receivingprice offersand assistance in selecting an operating contractor

  • Meeting with the developerTo provide an explanation about the work process and the construction process, common problems and possible solutions.

  • Accompanying in the planning stagesof the structure

  • Examining the specificationof the contract before signing an agreement

  • Professional inspectionof the contracting company and providing a report weighing the quality of its construction

  • Giving an opinionTo the developer about problems that have arisen in matters of architectural planning, engineering planning and the like.

  • the construction process- Consultant reviews according to the progress of the project.

  • Report to the entrepreneur- including the rate of progress on the site, problems and solutions, safety, photos and video from the area and more.

  • management and monitoringAfter problems that arose with the contractor

  • Professional escortThroughout the construction process, which includes examining the quality of the materials as well as the quality of the work

  • Confirmation of performanceEngineering works according to the engineering plan

  • Supervision of the skeleton designer, for the purpose of superior supervision before castings.

  • Defect detectionthat may be realized at the end of the project

  • Approval of paymentsto the contractors according to the progress of the work

  • SchedulesConstant examination for compliance with schedules with the contractor and update in case of delay

  • Budget control- Monitoring compliance with the project budget

  • Compliance with the terms of the contractor agreement- The contract in the field as well as maintaining all clauses of the agreement with the contractor

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